Strategic, Meticulous Preservation

The most charming homes and workspaces in Israel are built on the “fine old bones” of classic, historical buildings. These cultural treasures speak to us from ages past, but present challenges to modernization. Our dedicated department navigates complex structural, aesthetic, and building code guidelines.

We blend timeless design with modern renovation.

A specialized team to guide you & manage every stage

Your home’s preservation process is personally overseen by a dedicated professional project manager, who specialize in preservation, directing specialists and back-office teams for architecture, planning, tenders, orders, and other areas.

Get the extra reassurance of multi-layer coverage

Ongoing management is supervised by several managers simultaneously; each contributes particular skills and unique experience, and can keep the project moving unhindered in someone’s absence.

Providing you with creative solutions

The older the structure, the fewer rules existed during its construction. Modernizing while maintaining core aesthetic elements requires a unique, creative plan based on deep, multi-faceted analysis.

Keeping to code

Israeli regulations and building codes are constantly updated and changed to align with new realities, studies, and materials in the field. Building a new structure to code is difficult enough – we work with the best consultants in the preservation field to make sure the planing is according the code.

Building strong enough for your next generation

Adding rooms, floors, or simply upgrading infrastructure requires strengthening the existing structure, to providing the support for the changes. Our experts excel in planning each step of the process.

Be prepared for a shake

Standard building codes for safe, earthquake-resistant structures are complicated by an historic building’s structure and materials. We work with the best constructors and consultants specializing in buildings for preservation.

Selected projects

Preservation 3
Architect Bar Orian Architects
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Preservation 4
Architect Nitza Szmuk; Kimmel Eshkolot
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Preservation 1
Architect Tamar Kerner
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Preservation 2
Architect Bar Orian Architects
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Preservation 5
Architect Nitza Szmuk
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Preservation 8
Architect Bar Orian Architects
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Preservation 9
Architect Tamar Evan
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The team

Alon Chesler Preservation Department Manager
Alma Sela Project Manager
Niv Hefetz Project Manager